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Diagnosing Car Air Conditioning Issues

Summer is just around the corner which means so is the scorching Valley heat. Have you checked you’re A/C to make sure it still works? Don’t get caught on the first 90-degree day with your windows rolled down! Stop by your local trusted mechanic for all of your AC repair and maintenance needs. We have helped South Texas residents keep their vehicles cool for years and we are here to help you too!

Whether it just needs a charge, has a leaking hose, or a bad compressor - we’ve got you covered! Our certified technicians are experienced to identify the issue properly the first time by:

• Conducting a leak-down test • Inspecting for damaged components or leaks • Inspecting the AC compressor drive belt • Evacuating the refrigerant from the system • Recharging the system

Thank you Jesse Gutierrez for allowing us to film the process. Customer complaint - A/C not cooling and a bad smell coming from the a/c vents. A/C system had no freon in it. We checked condenser and all lines. Finally, we checked the undercarriage and found the green dye coming from the a/c drain. Evaporator Core leaked out the freon and needed to be replaced.

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